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Support for Virtek® laser systems are designed to ensure that you always have the most current software release, that your hardware is maintained to factory specifications and that you receive the support you need when you need it.

Take comfort knowing you have a global network of highly knowledgeable professionals working for you.

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Full Service Agreement (MOST POPULAR)
The Full Service Agreement gives you the maximum system uptime at the lowest cost, enabling you to budget your annual maintenance expenses accurately. With the fastest response times and preventative maintenance checks, you can take comfort in the fact that your system is always operating at peak performance.

Support Agreement
The agreement gives you prioritized hardware, software and telephone support during standard working hours. It also includes substantially discounted on-site labor and the replacement of major parts (excluding consumables).

 DescriptionFull Service AgreementSupport Agreement
Prioritized Telephone Support Contact a Virtek support representative by telephone, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including data communications (FTP and email).  Hotline support includes training on software features, troubleshooting and data file updates.
Customs & Duties Upon receipt by Virtek’s customs broker, Virtek facilitates all paperwork required by customs and all necessary duties to import laser projectors into Canada.
Discounted Parts Replacement parts will be available at discounted prices depending on the plan. Replacement parts have a 90-day warranty. 15% 10%
Emergency Replacement Coverage Ensure maximum productivity by exchanging a faulty laser projector or spatial locator with a refurbished unit with a two-day turnaround and a 180-day warranty.
Prioritized Projector/Spatial Locator Repair Virtek will complete the repairs to your projector or spatial locator in priority sequence and expedite to ensure prompt turnaround.
Discounted On-Site Service Reduced service rates for customers requiring a site visit (training, repairs, certification).
Software Support Access and download the latest software versions used to operate your Virtek systems.
On-Site Health Check A Virtek technician will visit your facility to perform preventative maintenance of your laser system (inspection, cleaning, calibration, testing, re-certification).