Case Study

Eliminating defects in assembly by 95% using Iris™ Spatial Positioning System.

Komatsu saw a reduction in errors concerning incorrect parts, part location, and missing parts by 75%, and dimensional mistakes by 60%. The cost of fixing defects in final assembly was dramatically reduced. Komatsu was able to increase their manufacturing efficiency while also streamlining their engineering processes.

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Accelerating Part Placement with the Iris Spatial Positioning System:

“Before Iris, our inspectors used to spend a lot of time double and triple checking parts,” said Mike Schoen, operations manager for Weldall. Now, the company performs random checks but no full inspections. “Since we started using it, we haven’t had one location reject, we’ve improved efficiency between 20 and 60 percent, depending on the size and complexity of the part, and it’s been 100 percent accurate,” said Schoen.

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